About Us

We are located in Tyler at 5201 South Broadway, Times Square Mall.  If you want your roof done right the first time, call us today at 903-581-5599 for an estimate. 

Cable's Roofing services all sizes and types of roofing systems using various types of roofing material from the country's leading roofing manufacturers. We are committed to providing our customers with roofing services tailored to meet their needs, reasonably priced, and installed in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.
Company Profile

Cable's Roofing has installed all types of residential and commercial roofing systems since 1998. Cable's Roofing is certified by most manufacturers as one of their premiere installers in Texas.  Cable's Roofing is licensed and insured.

Negotiating With Your Insurance Company

Because we are prime contractors with several major insurance companies we understand their pricing structure and how the claims process works.  Often time by negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company we are able to recoup significantly more money for your claim.  These extra funds can help you pay for the cost of your roof removal and replacement thus reducing your overall out of pocket expenses.
Our Process for Residential Customers
 Once a signed contract is in place, we will order materials for your job and communicate with you to schedule a convenient date to begin your project.

 The materials will be delivered at your home and our crews will go to work. 

 We always ask that you raise your garage door to prevent removed shingles from marking the surface of the door.

 We also recommend that you cover the belongings in your attic with plastic to prevent debris from damaging unprotected belongings. 

 We will cover your landscaping and pool areas if necessary to protect them from damage. 

 Upon completion of the job we thoroughly clean your gutters to remove nails and debris. 

 We haul off remaining materials and run magnet rollers to pick up any remaining nails that may have fallen.